Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Whispers of Sanity

Recently I had someone tell me that my obsession with all things dark scared them...and then they proceeded to ask me if I worshiped the devil...WTF...But, rather and let this hypocritical bitch get to me I calmly informed her that "No, in fact I'm a Pagan and don't even believe in the concept of a little red horned man that she calls Satan."

But something good did come from this, it made me take a step back and look at what is really going on in the old noggin. I decided to put pen to paper...hope you like it!

Whispers of Sanity

Do you want to take a look
At what dwells inside my mind
Can you handle the raw emotion
Will you be able to maintain your balance
When you are seeing things from my perspective
Tip-toe on the edge of your reality
Whispers of sanity scratching at your eyes
Gnawing at your innocence
Wearing away at your opinions
Infecting how you will view the world
Webs of terror dancing in the corners
There is no return once you taste insanity



  1. Love it!!! Well done!! I get asked the same ridiculous question too. You handled it well. *stands and applauds*