Saturday, November 27, 2010

Comfort Food Tuesday

Everyone is still feeling pretty icky around here, so Tuesday was designated soup and comfort food day.

I decided to make a cheesey veg soup served in bread bowls and some chicken.

I began by making my own veggie broth for the soup..2 cups of water with carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. These happened to be the veggies I had available.

In the soup kettle I started with the flour, cheese, milk and butter...nice and bubbly then added the veggies and stock.

For the bread bowls just thaw a loaf of frozen bread dough..roll into 8 balls...let rise an additional 30 min, brush with egg white and water and bake. After 15 min brush with additional wash and bake another 15 min. The egg wash makes the outside of the bowl crispy and keeps the soup from seeping through. When cooled cut center out and fill with the soup.

Also I wanted to get the kiddos to eat some protein so I baked 4 chicken breasts. I wanted to tie the cheesey theme in so I used crushed sour cream and cheddar potato chips mixed with bread crumbs for the coating. It was a crowd pleaser!

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