Thursday, September 1, 2011

Skulls on a Red Tree

So as much as I love Halloween and everything it stands for, I don't like to spend a lot of money. Why??? Because if you buy something expensive and showey for your house then everyone else has the exact same thing. (Besides that, I'd rather loose all my spendin' money in a slot machine...yeah I know, gambling is pointless...but get over it) Also, living in a small town, everyone tends to shop at the same stupid store and decorate with the same stupid stuff.

I prefer to put on my creative witchy hat and make things that are one of a kind.

For example, this year I have created a skull tree! I got these most awesome skulls at the local dollar store (8 for $1.00) and drilled holes in their little tiny heads. I ran with my love of beading and beaded some of their eyes for a glowey creepy feel. Then I popped the little buggers over the pre-strung lights on this awesome red X-mas tree I got at a yard sale last some ($.50).

Now throw some ribbon on and WAA-LAA!!! Instant original spook!


  1. Nice! I'll bet it will be the only Red Skull Tree in town!

  2. that's really exceptional, well done!

  3. Completely love it! I agree, going with originality AND being thrifty - doesn't get better than that!

  4. I love it! What an incredibly unique Halloween decoration!

  5. I love this! haha, I made a zombie pumpkin tree last year from little pumpkins at the dollar store. I like your idea better, ours was only good for halloween.