Sunday, October 9, 2011

American Gothic Makeover

And on with the Halloween decor...
Sometimes I don't want to take down everything on the walls to give a room a Halloween tingle, so I shift the theme of what I already have up.
One of the new projects this year was some plates that I have in the hallway, which is usually done in a shoe decor.

I made a template the size of the center of the plates and then cut orange scrap booking paper to be a background for each.

Then I Googled "American Gothic" and found some really cool interpretations of the creeped out farm couple.

Using the template, cut each image to size, then laminate the photos with the orange paper behind. I like the laminating because they can be used for more than one year, but that isn't necessary.

Cut out the images and tape to the center of each plate and there ya go...instant decor!!