Friday, January 13, 2012

The Key To Your Creativity

Happy New Year!! Yeah, I'm 13 days late, it's okay.
So I've been collecting antique keys for a few years now wanting to re-do my entry way from floral to a key theme. This is the first of my projects.

I bought a shadow box many years ago that had some artificial hydrangeas inside. I got these really cheap (like $5 each on a clearance sale).


First step was to open the front and remove the flowers.

Then I found this really great old book (printed 1910) so the pages were a perfect aged look. I ripped out pages with numbers that are important to our family (birth dates, anniversaries, etc) and glued the pages to the inside of the box.

Next I tied a lovely piece of ribbon around the top of the key and glued them in place.

Reattached the front glass panel and waaa laa...instant decor makeover!

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