Sunday, August 1, 2010

It Has Begun...

Yes, it's true...I do start decorating for Halloween in July, but only small bits at a's just that I love the way the house looks when it's all creepy and stuff and I usually have so many craft projects going on that I wanna be sure to get them all up.

This is a super cool floral swag I found at the Goodwill last year. I do believe it cost 2.99. I knew the color was great and that it just needed some spice. I added some artificial orange mums, some great orange ribbon and wired in some plastic skeleton parts and what a great piece it turned out to be!!

First thing you will probably notice is this most excellent witch boot stocking (which is also my Xmas stocking) but take a moment to look above. Yes! Those are my demon children! Each year we gather all the craft supplies and I let them "creepify" their school pictures. The decorations are on the outside of the glass so they are easily removed, if we want to.....

I adore the Chinese lanterns that grow in the garden. They are so stunning as well as represent the fall season. I got this empty grapevine swag at a discount store for like $2.99 and wired the lanterns on. It's best to use the orange as well as green ones to create dimension. I added plain orange ribbon, but you could go with any type that matches your decor. The lanterns are very delicate to work with, but so completely worth it!! The wreath will last for years, stored in a tied garbage bag when not on display.

Until next time...BOO!


  1. Awesome! I really love the chinese lantern swag, and your demonized kids are just perfect.
    This is the time of year when all the stores put out the Halloween stuff - I always go early to get the goods :)

  2. I know, we went and got a few things yesterday. The dollar store @ the mall always has the coolest trinkets! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Awesome! I just love the treatment to the photos! Brilliant!