Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Stumbled Upon White Trash...

So, FaceBook suggested a friend for me and of course I had to go in and look at her photos and see if I knew her. What I found there has left me speechless!

Yes, this really is a friend of a friend and no, I didn't edit the photo.

The couch is really in the yard of the trailer court, the young lady really doesn't have any teeth and the dog is really taking a shit in the background.....


  1. lol! ahahaha you made me literally laugh out loud. Thank you for that! ahh better than my morning coffee.

  2. I really can't think of a clever thing to say. I'm laughing too hard!

  3. EPIC!!!!

    Thanks for giving me a good chuckle. I was feeling a little blue yesterday, but this cheered me right up!

  4. maybe they're waiting for a bulk trash pickup? ;)

  5. Oh wow!! THAT is funny!! I would send Facebook a message asking what, exactly, in my profile made them think I would be compatible with these types of people... so I could change it!!. Hahahaha Awesome!

  6. Not that "unusual" of my area in the "backwoods" town in which I dwell... Those couches get a bit "nastier" after a few weeks outside... I know some local residents who resemble these folk....
    Just life in a small southern town....
    ... The Doctor